10 Apr
Manual Crank Standing Desk Frame

Saskatoon Standing Desk

Too much sitting, too many hours looking at a computer screen. As many of you know there can be serious health side effects to excessive sitting. That’s why I decided to invest in a standing desk for my home office. Being a computer programmer I spend the majority of my day at a computer writing code and for the past ten years I’ve spent a good 8 hours a day sitting in my office chair. I get to the point in my day where I’m sick of sitting and I really need to stand up. Funny to say but sitting my can tiring. I’ve been looking at standing desks for a while now, something that would allow me to move from a seated position to standing whenever I felt like it.

Manual Crank Standing Desk FrameSit stand desks aren’t cheap but if you look around you can find some decent prices, being in Canada my options for purchasing a standing desk were limiting. I settled on a Canadian company called Rocky Mountain Desks. There are very choices if you want to buy your desk from a Canadian company and even fewer choices if you want the frame only. I guess you can run down to your local office supply store and purchase one but then your paying easily over a $1000 for one of theses desk and my budget was under $800. To save money I decided to go for a manual crank sit/stand desk, this type of desk frame save me a couple hundred dollars vs the electric models. When you want to move from sitting to standing it takes probably 30-45 seconds to crank the desk tot he height you want. It would certainly be nice to have the convenience of the electric desks but the manual crank does the job.

I’ve been using this desk for about 6 months now, I decided to give it some serious use before writing my opinions on the new standing desk craze. I don’t use an Anti-Fatigue Mat with my desk as you can see in the image. I’m not sure if that would help or not so I cant really comment. It did take some time to get used to standing for long periods. You have work to maintain your posture and it gets tiring standing after a while. I also find that I need to stretch my legs regularly. After 6 months of using the desk I’ve gotten used to standing for long periods, most days I spend 6 out of 8 hours standing now. I take a few breaks and sit a couple time during the day. I would highly recommend these desks to anyone looking for an alternative to sitting all day. I’ve lost weight and I feel so much better working at a standing desk. I don’t think I could ever go back to sitting all day, try standing desk and see what you think.

08 Nov

Serious Health Risks of Sitting

Risks of Sitting For Extended Periods

The health risks associated with sitting for long periods has become a hot topic these days.  Research is suggesting that people who sit for hours on end are likely to develop serious health side affects. There are, nevertheless, solutions to overcome these dangers if you change your diet and get a little bit of exercise each day. Our tips will show you how to avoid a few of the dangers of sitting all day every day.


Is Sitting Dangerous to Your Health

Research has proven that sitting can be dangerous to your health, it’s extremely important that you get up and move around as often as possible. Even several short walks around the office have been show to make a big difference. While most office jobs require long days of sitting in front of a computer, you do have some options. For example adjustable height desks are becoming and acceptable option and are now available in Canada.

Standing desks may not be for everyone as standing for hours on end can put a strain on the knees and back. Several health experts recommend that it’s best to have a balance between sitting and standing. If your lifestyle consists of long stretches of sitting down, go out of your way to take standing and moving breaks. Mobile or portable devices (laptops, iPads, etc.) enable you to work from many different positions. It is possible to alternate with your notebook, sitting for part of the time and then working on it from a counter top where you can stand.

Taking regular breaks from sitting is probably the most important way to counterbalance the dangers of being seated throughout the day. In addition to your regular breaks you also need to take short breaks where you get up and move around for a couple minutes. Experts recommend that you need to get up every 15 minutes or so and stretch your body. You should avoid sitting without any sort of break for a long period. To stand up even for a minute or two makes a big difference to your body. The real dangers of sitting occur when people do it for hours on end and rarely stand up.

Now you have some useful tactics for overcoming the potential danger of sitting too much. When individuals initially hear this, they usually find it hard to believe. Yet there’s reliable evidence that sitting too much can indeed lead to different health conditions. The above mentioned tips, however, will help you counteract these risks. Your posture, the sort of chair you sit on and how many breaks you take from sitting are all important elements.

10 May

Canada’s luxury Real Estate Affected by Immigration

Canada’s luxury real estate market has already been affected by changes to migration policy and could be in for rougher times as international financiers are enticed to the Canada.

CREA stated now that the federal spending plan launched Tuesday has actually closed a loophole offering a shortcut to wealthy financiers, he thinks it might have an even greater effect on real estate markets in Saskatoon and to a lesser extent.

They generally had actually stopped the program stated a person about the Program which assists permanent residency for individuals who might create lots of cash. The cash eventually functioned as a interest-free loan to the government that was repaid to the immigrant in five years.

A story on Wikipedia shows that there are rich Chinese immigrants, with a high wealth waiting to obtain into Canada under the program. The variety of applicants is six times greater than the number for similar programs run by the U.S., Britain and Australia, the newspaper said.

There is likewise little evidence that Canadian immigration make a positive economic contribution to the country the government said, adding immigrant investors pay substantially lower taxes over a lifetime than other classifications of economic immigrants.

10 May

How to Choose a Canadian Immigration Consultant

canada immigartion advice

One of the easiest choices to choose an affordable Canadian immigration legislation companies is to look on-line. It is most effective to use a website provided by legal representatives who are certified immigration consultants that will provide the aid needed in the field of immigration law.

Canadian migration legislation business are accredited and also insured firms, dedicated to give upcountry and also overseas Canadian migration lawful services to their consumers. The majority of those firms flaunt a team of trained and also well-informed specialists and also knowledgeable lawyers with extensive data of N. American country migration problems.

Canadian Immigration Legislation

businesses in Saskatoon like OneStop make an effort to establish a good relationship with clients. They provide innovative concepts and also options the types of immigration desired and also promote to obtain Canadian visas swiftly.

Canadian migration law firms give a complete set of immigration solutions, as well as worker immigration to North American nation.

Saskatoon immigration legislation businesses offer a no-obligation preliminary analysis. When sending your application the dynamic team of the firm consultants will asses the potential of every individual and discusses practical outcomes.

Canadian migration law firms offer an internet assessment for migration.
Planning and direction for the meeting is one even more service offered by Canadian migration regulation business.

Extra services given by Canadian migration legislation firms http://www.onestopltd.ca/occupational-health-testing/ offer assistance in provide health and safety training. They also offer to ask for a well-being variety, irreversible resident card health and wellness card as well as driving certificate. Go to the most effective Canadian Immigration business which offers information on Canadian Immigration, North American country Migration Visas, North American nation Immigration Attorney, North American country Work Migration and also a bunch of.