Manual Stand Standing Desk Choices in Canada

Too much sitting, too many hours looking at a computer screen. As many of you know there can be serious health side effects to excessive sitting. That’s why I decided to invest in a standing desk for my home office.

Being a computer programmer I spend the majority of my day at a computer writing code, and for the past ten years I’ve spent a good 8 hours a day sitting in my office chair. I get to the point in my day where I’m sick of sitting and I really need to stand up.

I’ve been shopping for standing desks for a while now, the problem is trying to find a quality desk that wasn’t stupid expensive and ideally something in Canada for me.

To save money I decided to go for a manual crank sit/stand desk from Rocky Mtn. The manual option was more affordable and I felt it was a good place to start and I could always upgrade later. When you want to move from sitting to standing it takes probably 30-40 seconds to crank the desk tot he height you want. The crank has a nice solid feel and tucks away under my desk.

I’ve been using my manual desk for about 6 months now, I decided to give it some serious use before writing my opinions. I don’t use an anti fatigue mat, but I do use a thin exercise mat just to soften things up a bit. I’m not sure if that would help or not so I cant really comment. It did take some time to get used to standing for long periods. You have work to maintain your posture and I recommend moving from sitting to standing frequently, like every 15-20 minutes. I also find that I need to stretch my legs regularly. Standing isn’t the perfect solution either, but it is a huge help for someone that has long days at the computer. I have gotten used to standing for long periods, most days I spend 5 out of 8 hours standing. I’ll take a few breaks and sit a couple time during the day. I would highly recommend these desks to anyone looking for an alternative to sitting all day. I don’t think I could ever go back to sitting all day.

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